About Us

Our Approach

TriWorld Fitness is not attempting to make you a fitness junkie or health nut. Our vision is simple:

To help people all over the world discover the benefits that small lifestyle changes can have on your everyday performance and future health – physically and mentally.

Our Story

TriWorld Fitness began as a simple message: Wanting to share fact-based fitness and lifestyle info that’s useful and practical to implement into a busy everyday lifestyle.

Still new in the scene, TriWorld Fitness started in 2019 with some big plans for impacting people through timeless practices for a healthier lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Meet Cathy – not your average joe… or maybe she is.

Cathy is a diverse, adventure and fitness lover that gets her kick out of adrenaline-filled activities. Not all the time though… a good yoga or meditation sessions does the job too.

Knowing that there can never be enough info on the net to fill the knowledge gap. She decided to start documenting the little lessons learned in fitness, mental health, and lifestyle changes.